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What is Nano My Words?

Nano My Words is an all-in-one handy reference tool always on your desktop. It allows you to access a collection of different resources to look up English definitions and usage in a convenient way. In this version of Nano, we have included more than 30 different resources:

Lookup tools Translation Tools Dictionaries
  • Google Search
  • Google News
  • Google Fight
  • Google Images
  • Google Technical Term
  • JustTheWord
  • Spell Checker
  • Word Neighbors
  • British National Corpus
  • WikiQuote
  • Translate It! (by Babelfish)
  • Answers.com
  • Yahoo! Dictionary
  • Kingsoft Dictionary
  • Jongo Dictionary
  • Baidu Dictionary
  • Cambridge Dictionary
  • Dictionary.com
  • Longman Dictionary
  • Merriam-Webster
  • Oxford Dictionary
  • Reverse Dictionary
  • Yahoo! Dictionary
  • Google Dictionary new
Encyclopedias Grammar / Vocabulary Thesauruses
  • Wikipedia
  • Answers.com
  • Britannica
  • Encarta
  • English Grammar Guide
  • Mywords.ust.hk
  • UsingEnglish.com
  • Answers.com
  • Wordnet
  • Thesaurus.com
  • Word Smyth Theasurus

System Requirements:
OS – Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Browser – Internet Explorer
Active Internet Connection

Getting started

Download the setup file and install it.

Install Nano and start it from "Start > All programs > Nano > Start Nano"

The Nano Interface

You will see this toolbar on your desktop:

Use this window to log into My Words:

You will also see a system tray icon.

The first time you use Nano, you must connect to your My Words account!

When the following popup window appears, log into the My Words website.

After you log in to the system, the following confirmation page will appear:

After you connect Nano to your My Words account, all your settings will be automatically loaded from My Words. There is no need to configure Nano again.

If you have more than one account and want to connect to another account, click on "Click here to use another account".

Using Nano Toolbar

Input any word into the text box of the toolbar and press "Enter". The word's definition, word class, translation, sample sentences and word family will appear in the popup. A matching image from Google images will also be shown.

If the input word has more than 1 sense, you can use the combo box to review different senses of the word.

New features: Auto completion of your search entries!

When you are typing the word, a list of word suggestions will be shown. Use the arrow key to select and press "Enter" for detail.

New features: Search suggestions!

If you mistype something , some word suggestions will be given to you. Click on the word you want to look at.

You can click on the sound button to listen to the pronunciation.

To find more resources, click on 'Resources' and select the resource you want. The resource will be shown in a popup browser.

Click on the question button  to get help.

Using Nano My Words

After you connect your account to Nano, you can use Nano My Words.

This gadget will pop up once you start Nano My Words.

You can play the mini games inside the gadget.

If you close Nano My Words, you can restart it by going to the tray menu, finding the Nano icon and right-clicking "Show Nano My Words":

Configuring Nano My Words

Right click the tray menu and select "Settings":

OR Click on the setup tab in the gadget

The following interface will appear:

After configuring the settings, click on "Save settings". The settings will be automatically applied to Nano My Words and be stored in My Words. There is no need to configure again even if you use another computer.