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There is a list of resources for you to use when you are writing and revising. These resources can help you write more accurately, fluently and effectively.

  1. First, highlight a phrase in your document that you would like to check, and
  2. then click the CheckMyWords Resources button. This will open the list of resources as follow:
  • Google News - This site indexes edited newspaper articles, so you can be reasonably sure that an expression you find there is accurate.
  • Google Search - Google searches the Web and show you the example contexts in websites. Since these web sites are not edited, this search may display non-standard (inaccurate) English.
  • WordNeighbors - WordNeighbors displays the words that are most frequently used before or after your target word in different types of text that you can select.
  • JustTheWord - JustTheWord displays words (organized by part-of-speech and meaning) that are most frequently used with your target word, based on 500,000,000 words of British English.

  • Translate It! - You can use Babel Fish Translation to translate a text from English to Traditional Chinese.
  • Cambridge Dictionary - You can look up the meanings of words, idioms, and phrasal verbs as you are writing.
  • Answers.com - You can look up the definitions and names of people, places, important events etc.
  • Wikipedia Encyclopedia - You can look up the names of people, places, important events etc.
  • Google Technical Terms - You can look up technical terms.
  • Google Scholar - You search for journal articles, abstracts.

  • Reverse Dictionary - Reverse dictionary lets you describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept

  • English Grammar Guide - You can find information about most of the common errors made by Chinese speakers when writing in English.