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System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • Microsoft Word XP/2003/2007/2010/2013
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or above
  • Active Internet connection
16 Aug, 2010 Version 1.9.7 released. Download it now!
25 Jan, 2010 Version 1.9.6 released.
30 Jan, 2009 Version 1.9.4 released.
1 Jan, 2009 Tutorial videos are available, view it now!
19 Jul, 2008 Version 1.9.2 released.
25 Jan, 2008 FAQs updated.
16 Jan, 2008 Version 1.9.1 released.
31 Oct, 2007 Version 1.9.0 released.
30 Oct, 2007 Resources tutorial updated.
21 Sep, 2007 Handout released.
10 Aug, 2007 Version 1.8.7 released.

Check My Words is a toolbar you install in Microsoft Word that helps you to write accurately and fluently.

Check My Words shows you how words combine in English, explains most of the common errors made by learners of English, and much more.


  • CHECK to see common errors with a word. Select a word and press CLICK to see common errors and complete explanations and practice.
  • Highlight potential common errors in your document.
  • Click "Say it!" to hear the pronunciation of any word, phrase or text.
  • Buttons for "Definitions", "Similar Meanings", "Word Family", "Word Combinations" and "Example Sentences".
  • Look up information from online resources such as the Cambridge Dictionary, Word Neighbors, the English Grammar Guide (EGG), etc.
  • Retrieve your vocabulary and common key words or phrases from My Words when you are writing.
  • Open a Writing Checklist under "Resources"
  • (HKUST only) The Assignment Management System (AMS) allows you to submit and manage your written assignments, click here to see a tutorial for using the system.
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